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Building Courseware for WBT Manager™

Many organizations need to develop their own courseware. WBT Manager's™ open architecture and compliance with the AICC specification and SCORM 1.2 specification allows a variety of authoring tools to be used for the production of courseware. The following table lists the popular software titles that can produce lessons compatible with WBT Manager™. If you would like further help in deciding what authoring tool to use, or with developing your eLearning content please visit our Custom Services section for more information.

Product Description Advantages Disadvantages Sample Code
by Adobe
Full-featured authoring environment capable of producing lessons with complex interactivity, animation, and multimedia content.
•  Powerful and flexible
Designed specifically for courseware development
•  Supports all types of interactivity
•  Supports complex navigation structures
•  Can receive and use any data sent by WBT Manager
•  Can track and send any desired AICC and/or SCORM 1.2 data
•  Exceptional community support available via newsgroup, mailing list, and third party web sites
•  Requires a plug-in for use on the web
•  Relatively expensive
Relatively steep learning curve
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by Adobe
Adobe® Captivate™ 2 software enables anyone to rapidly create powerful and engaging simulations, software demonstrations, and scenario-based training without programming knowledge or multimedia skills.
•  Rapid elearning development
Easy to learn
  Ideal for software simualtion
•  Supports a variety of types of interactivity
•  Supports complex navigation structures
•  Uses standard Flash plug-in
•  Supports AICC, SCORM 1.2, and SCORM 2004 specifications
•  Very good community support available via newsgroup, mailing list, and third party web sites
•  Limited interaction types
•  Limted control over format of quiz questions
Limited control over data exchanged with LMS
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by Adobe

Dreamweaver is the leading graphical web development tool available today. CourseBuilder for Dreamweaveris a Macromedia add-on that adds special-purpose extensions to Dreamweaver.

Together, they provide a graphical interface for developing interactive lessons in HTML. These lessons can track and send status, score, and time-in-lesson data to WBT Manager.

•  No plug-ins required
Relatively easy to learn
•  Lesson content is easy to update
•  Good community support available via newsgroup, third party websites
•  Limited interaction types, especially if older browsers must be supported
•  Cannot receive data from WBT Manager, thereby losing some of WBT Manager's features.
•  Answers to quiz questions are not completely secure from web-savvy students
Frames must be used to implement data tracking
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by Adobe

Flash is a powerful tool for developing animated and interactive web-based content. Fluency in ActionScript is necessary to build the data tracking and communication required for use with WBT Manager.

Flash 5 introduces pre-made learning interaction objects (quiz question templates.)

•  Very small plug-in that most users already have
Powerful and flexible
•  Allows complex interactivity and rich media content
•  Produces small, fast-loading files
Can receive and use any data sent by WBT Manager
Can track and send any desired AICC or SCORM 1.2 data
Exceptional community support available via newsgroup and third party web sites
•  Software was not made for courseware development.
Steep learning curve
•  Requires complex scripting
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ToolBook Instructor
by SumTotal

Full-featured courseware authoring tool. Provides a comprehensive authoring solution to create effective software application simulations, tests, assessments, quiz and interactive e-learning content.

•  No plug-in required
Supports AICC, SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 specifications
Exceptional community support available via newsgroup and third party web sites
•  Relatively expensive
Fairly steep learning curve
Good online/community support
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by QuestionMark
Perception is a AICC-certified tool for developing and presenting online quizzes and surveys. It is designed for ease of use by non-programmers and comes with a broad range of question templates. It maintains its own database of questions on the web server. However, it can be integrated with WBT Manager. For more information on using Perception with WBT Manager, go here.
•  Easy to use
Specifically designed for testing and score tracking
•  Can be used to present simple content along with test items
•  Can be used to provide tests to accompany content developed in a different tool
•  Does not support complex content delivery




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