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Is WBT Manager™ AICC-compliant? SCORM-compliant ?IMS-compliant? IEEE-compliant?

WBT Manager was the world's first AICC-certified Web-based CMI and remains fully-compliant with the AICC Web-based CMI Specification.

The ADL SCORM specification is based on the AICC specification. During collaboration the AICC added a new interface mechanism consisting of a set Javascript API functions (LMSAPI) which are called by lessons to communicate with the CMI. WBT Manager is SCORM 1.2 runtime-environment compliant and can import SCORM 1.2 manifest files. See here for SCORM 1.2 self-test results.

The IMS (Instructional Material Standard) is currently under development. Some of the IMS specifications have been made public and are beginning to be rolled into the SCORM and IEEE standards. WBT Manager does not currently support any of the IMS specifications. We will be supporting those specifications which become widely adopted and are of benefit to our customers.

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Does WBT Manager™ offer student self-registration? Does it offer self-enrollment in courses?

WBT Manager includes a set of scripts that can be used to create custom forms used to create new students and enroll students in courses. These scripts can also be used to create e-commerce interfaces to WBT Manager.

Self-enrollment in individual courses is fully supported in the current release. The system administrator can define each course as allowing (or not allowing) self-enrollment. The course catalog will display an "Enroll Now" button next to all courses for which self-enrollment is allowed.

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Can I establish a separate Log On page for each Corporate University I set up?

You can set up a separate home page for each customer and have the link jump to the login script within WBT Manager. The student menus can be customized to a certain extent by inserting HTML at the top or bottom.

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How is Question Mark/Perception integrated with WBT Manager™?

There is a good deal of information about this on the Question Mark/Perception support site. For additional information about Question Mark's assessment tool, visit their home page.

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Does WBT Manager™ offer secure access and password protection?

Yes. Student data is stored in a database and protected by database security mechanisms. All access to data through WBT Manager requires user login id and password.

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What databases can WBT Manager™ be used with it?

WBT Manager runs against a relational database. Full description of tables and columns is supplied. See system requirements for supported DBMSs and versions.

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Will WBT Manager™ run on a UNIX system?

WBT Manager requires Microsoft Windows and IIS (see system requirements) for the Web module, but content could be located on a Unix web server and the database engine could be run on a Unix system.

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Can WBT Manager™ track and report on multiple levels? What specific items are tracked?

WBT Manager currently tracks time-in-lesson, last-score, and number of attempts for AICC-compliant lessons. Completion is tracked at the lesson, course, and certification class level. (A certification class is a group of courses tracked together).

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Does WBT Manager™ allow creation of custom reports?

Simple columnar reports and CSV download reports can be created using the Ad-Hoc Report function in the web-based local administrator interface.

For more complex reports any reporting tool which can access a relational database may be used to create custom reports. We currently use Crystal Reports from SAP for reports run through the system administrator module and ASP scripts for reports run through the web module.

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Is remote administrative access to reports available?

Yes. Local web administrators can be set up at any hierarchy level who will be able to access reports through the web interface.

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Is WBT Manager™ compatible with my preferred course authoring software?

General answer: If the resulting product can be opened in a web browser, it can be used with WBT Manager. The courseware needs to be compliant with AICC or SCORM specifications in order for the more sophisticated tracking and reporting functionality to be used.

Results tracking for non-AICC compliant courseware on a custom basis if the data can be made available to WBT Manager.

For more information see Using Third Party Authoring Tools and Building Courseware for WBT Manager.

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Can WBT Manager™ be synchronized with multiple web servers and network servers?

WBT Manager can be run on multiple web servers against a central database. Round-robin load-balancing is supported starting with version 2.1. Earlier versions require session-aware routing.

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Can WBT Manager™ link to an outside tutor or mentor service, reference materials, discussion groups, chat rooms, etc.? Can it send e-mail to the instructor?

WBT Manager allows HTML code to be embedded on the Student, Certification Class, and Course Menus. Links to e-mail and newsgroups or other external resources can be added to these menus. This allows the user to choose the "best-of-breed" for these resources instead of being locked in to an arbitrary selection that we might make or develop. See the white papers section of our documentation page for an example.

Additional integration may be available on a custom basis.

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Are browser plug-ins needed to run WBT Manager™?

WBT Manager's web interface is composed of standard HTML components with JavaScript functions for window control and form validation. Prior to version 2.1 the SCORM API interface was implemented as a Java applet. No plug-in is required to use the WBT Manager system itself.

Lesson content may, however, may require plug-ins.

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Are there browser-specific requirements for WBT Manager™?

WBT Manager is certified to run on FireFox 3 and higher or Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 and higher. Other browsers may work if they support the following:

  • Frames
  • JavaScript 1.1 or higher
  • Cookies (for login session control only)
  • Java (for the SCORM API only)
  • XMLHTTPRequest object

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Can WBT Manager™ be used easily in systems with firewalls?

WBT Manager uses standard HTTP GET or POST requests for all web interface functions. There are no special ports or other "tricks" likely to be blocked by firewalls. Also, except for the SCORM API adapter in versions prior to 2.1, it does not use Java applets.

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Can data fields be customized?

WBT Manager includes 10 user-defined text fields (255 characters max) in the student record. Additional user defined fields will be added in future versions.

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When a student logs in, is there a personal welcome by name?

The student menu shows the student name but does not include a specific welcome message. The system does support custom HTML code, which can be embedded at the top of the student menu for a generic welcome message.

WBT Manager also includes server-side objects containing an API that allows a user with some programming skills to create custom student and course menus.

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Does WBT Manager™ support enforced prerequisites? (I.e., you must complete lesson X before starting lesson Y)

Yes, WBT Manager supports prerequisites at both the course and course element level. Prerequites can be a simple as requiring lessons to be completed "in order" or by adding scripting.

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What standard reports come with WBT Manager™?

Certificate Program Reports

  • Certificate Program Course List
  • Certificate Program List
  • Certificate Program Rosters
  • Certificate Programs Assigned to Organizations
  • Organizations Assigned to Certificate Program

Course Reports

  • Course Certificate Program Listing
  • Course Content Listing
  • Course Listing
  • Course Rosters
  • Courses Assigned to Organizations
  • Organizations Assigned to Courses

Instructor-Led Training reports

  • Course Section Rosters
  • Training Schedule (by Course)
  • Training Schedule (by Date)

Interaction Reports

  • Question Response Detail Report
  • Question Response Detail Report - II
  • Question Response Summary Report
  • Raw Interaction Data

Lesson and Instructional Blo