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WBT ManagerT and ILT 

Instructor-Led Training support. 

Starting with version 1.61, WBT Manager supports Instructor-Led and scheduled training. Scheduled and non-scheduled lessons can be contained in the same course. Three types of scheduled training are supported:

Instructor-Led Classroom Training

You can now assign instructors, locations, and time periods to lessons within WBT Manager.  Students are registered in specific instances of a course and the assigned instructor sets their lesson status by taking attendance.

Scheduled Self-Paced Training

Using the same mechanism as for Instructor-Led Training users are able to specify the time period during which a "self-paced" WBT Lesson can be accessed by the student. This can be used to control access to limited resources such as computer training labs or to schedule groups of students for synchronous on-line training events.

Proctored lessons or exams

A WBT lesson can be scheduled in such a way that the student cannot enter the lesson until the following conditions are met:

  • current time must be within the lesson's scheduled time period.
  • student must be marked "present" by instructor (proctor).
  • student must enter a password set by the instructor.
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