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We deliver hundreds of courses to our clients through WBT Manager, it does what it's supposed to"

Erik Molyneux
Managing Director,

Many companies and institutions have discovered the advantages of delivering training over the Internet or their intranet. They also have the need to effectively deliver, manage, and their online learning. That is why Integrity eLearning has designed & developed an open Learning Management System (LMS) system called WBT Manager. Some of WBT Manager's features are listed below.

  • Helps training managers and instructors easily distribute and monitor Web Based Training.
  • Easy to use administration:
    • Tree view for navigation.
    • Drag & drop interface for enrollment.
  • Allows local administrators to register students and assign students to courses.
    • Decentralizes the registration process.
  • Controls student access to Web-Based Training materials.
  • Students can track their progress.
  • Able to launch any Web Based Training courses or other browser-based content.
  • Able to launch and track courses compliant with the AICC Web-based CMI Specification.
  • Able to launch and track SCORM compliant lessons.
  • Support for instructor-led (classroom) training and proctored exams.
  • Custom interfaces available to other Web-Based courseware (non-AICC compliant).
  • Fully supported under Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle
  • Tracks by course, department, student, and by organization.
  • Supports certification programs.
  • Enables internal/external billing.
  • More than 60 predefined standard reports.
  • Custom reports easily created with readily available report writing tools.
  • Includes a tool to structure Web content into custom courses or to enter the structure of existing WBT courseware.
  • Customizable Home page and Top banner.
  • Self-Enrollment - Courses can be set to allow the student to self-enroll through a button on the course catalog.
  • Course Catalog.
  • Off-line (shadow) lesson tracking - A course or lesson can be flagged as "shadow" or off-line. The course or lesson appears on the student's menu and in reports but cannot be executed. This can be used to support classroom training where the results are entered manually.
  • Autocompletion of courses or lessons - Lessons or courses can be set to go to a "completed" status as the student first enters the lesson or course.
  • Local administrators can create administrators - Organization level administrators can now add/edit and delete administrators within their organization through the browser-based local administrator interface.
  • Scalable Solutions.
  • Integrates easily with Third Party Authoring Tools.
  • Script interface for building e-commerce solutions.
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