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What's New in WBT Manager™ 2.10

Web Module Changes

Local Administrator Interface

  • Pages have been reformatted for a 1024x768 display instead of the old 640x480
    • Pages which had long forms now use a tabbed display to reduce the need for scrolling
  • Administrator selector enhancements
    • Filter for active/disabled students
  • Student selector enhancements
    • Selection of all students beneath a specific hierarchy element
    • Filter for active/disabled students
    • Search for students enrolled in a specific course or certificate program and having a specific status
    • Search for students enrolled in a specific ILT section
  • Course selector enhancements
    • Now uses a tree-view similar to the student selector (sub-categories are included in the tree)
    • Filter for active/disabled courses
    • Filter for open/closed ILT sections (when selecting sections)
  • Certificate Program selector enhancements
    • Now uses a tree-view similar to the student selector
    • Filter for active/disabled programs
  • Course assignment enhancements
    • Disabled students excluded from assignment operations by default, may be included if desired
    • "Recalc Status" available to administrators for selected students
    • Course start-after, cut-off, and target dates can be modified for multiple students and courses
  • Results entry enhancements
    • Course-level status may be entered for any course (previously only for courses with no lessons)
    • Status may be entered for all lessons in a course on one form
    • Students can be filtered by current status when entering individual lesson statuses
  • HTML editor
    • Fields which may be used to contain HTML data now use a WYSIWYG HTML editor
  • Report enhancements
    • Criteria form now uses the course selection form instead of listing all available courses in a drop-down list
    • New report criteria to include/exclude disabled students and courses
    • Standard reports exclude disabled students and courses by default
    • Ad-Hoc report writer supports Interaction and Comments data elements

User login changes

  • Login control settings can be tailored to individual student hierarchy elements
    • System-wide settings supported
    • Settings are inherited from ancestor hierarchy elements.
  • Password enhancements
    • Can now be case-sensitive
    • Can be set to expire (with a warning period)
    • Re-use can be restricted (with a variable look-back period)
    • Strong passwords can be required (pre-existing feature, enhanced with 2.1)
  • Users can be locked out for too many failed login attempts
    • May be unlocked automatically (timed) or manually


  • Discussion forums can be associated with courses and student hierarchy elements
    • Students in hierarchy or enrolled in course have automatic access to the forums
    • Administrators may be assigned as "moderators" to specific forums
  • Administrators can send messages to students
    • Message can be sent by email or by WBT Manager internal messaging
    • Administrator may disclose their email address as the return address or use the system's generic return address
  • "Latest news" display
    • News bulletins can be entered with display start and end dates
    • Bulletins can be directed at the home page, administrator menu, student menu, or any combination
    • Student bulletins can be targeted at specific student hierarchy elements

Instructor-led Training notification enhancements

  • Additional fields have been added to location definitions for inclusion in reservation notices
    • Address
    • Travel Directions (HTML capable)
  • Additional fields have been added to course section definitions
    • Enrollment Notice1 (HTML capable)
    • Notice2 (HTML capable)

Student Interface

  • Java runtime is no longer required for SCORM API support
  • Student menu displays "latest news" items
  • Student menu allows access to user forums

Catalog enhancements

  • Catalog is accessible when not logged on (optional)
    • A course-level flag controls which courses and certificate programs are included on public catalog.
  • Catalog is accessible to administrators (optional)
    • Catalog will include only courses that the administrator could select for assignment to their students (system flag can allow all courses to display)
  • Public, Administrator, and Student Catalogs may have different data elements display
  • Additional user-defined text fields have been added to the course definitions for inclusion in the catalog
  • A catalog display control function has been added for system administrators
    • Can modify catalog display settings.
    • Can update new catalog text fields using an HTML editor.
  • Catalog layout is now controlled through an XSL stylesheet for easier modification

Instructor Led Training Enhancements

  • ILT locations may now be "owned" by specific student hierarchy elements
    • Only administrators for the specified hierarchy element may select the location when defining a new ILT course section
  • Additional fields have been added for inclusion in ILT notices
    • ILT location Address and Travel Directions
    • Course section Notice fields

Web Farm Support (optional)

  • Session variables have been moved from memory into database storage
  • Supports load-balancing without "session-aware" or "sticky-session" routing
  • Supports data sharing with ASP.NET components
  • User sessions now survive IIS restart or server re-boot

Maintenance Module

Maintenance module notification enhancements

  • HTML email format is now supported.
  • Additional data elements are now available for use in notices.
  • Email test program is available to aid in customization of notices.
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