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WBT Manager™ Version 1.3 Patches

Date Title Description

Web server application won't install on non-English Windows

When the web server application setup is run it immediately displays the following error:

This application requires version 2.10.3711.9 or later of Microsoft Data Access Components. Please install the latest MDAC version and re-run WBT Manager setup.

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Student menu background graphic missing or background always black under Netscape (affects v1.31a)

When WBT Manager is launched using Netscape, the background to the student menu is always black. Under MS Internet Explorer, it is always white.

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Error 3 returned when re-entering AICC compliant lesson. Account maintenance window lists wrong student. (affects: 1.31,1.31a. IE4 in particular)

1. If a lesson in the "Using WBT Manager" tutorial is exited
and immediately re-entered then an error message with the error code
"3 - invalid session id" may be returned.

2. If a student logs off and another student logs on without
closing the browser the account maintenance window displays
the first student's name.

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Database access error in Student Import Toolkit. (affects: 1.31,1.31a)

Attempting to enroll a student in a course using the EnrollStudent function of the Student Import Toolkit component may result in the error code 107 - "Database access error".
If the sample program is used (wbtm_statusimport) then each record may be rejected with:

 "Unable to enroll student in course./Database access error."

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Missing necessary parameters error in Student Import Toolkit (status import). (affects: 1.31,1.31a)

Attempting to import a lesson status using the WBT Manager Student Import Toolkit status import sample program results in

"Unable to retrieve lesson./Missing necessary parameters."

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Import toolkit embeds blanks in login ID. (affects: 1.31,1.31a, 1.3lite)

When importing a batch of students with SIMPORT.EXE. If the name is in the import file as "student_name" rather than "student_first_name" and "student_last_name" and "student_logon_id" is not present then the import program grabs the first 8 characters of the name (including blanks) to build a login id.

Blanks or other non-print characters in the student's login id will cause the AICC communications interface to lose session data (session ids are based on the student's login id and blanks cause the interface to be unable to locate the session associated with the student).

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