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WBT Manager™ Version 1.7 Patches

Date Title Description
Version 1.70 patches

Error running Site Configuration Utility. Cannot load "comdlg32.ocx".
Note: this patch is included in v1.70 installation sets downloaded after 5/30/2003.



Oracle 9 support and bug fixes
This is a cumulative patch. It contains and will install all prior version 1.70 patches (except patch170_2 which corrects an installation program issue).

This patch contains corrections for a problem that causes the course-level prerequisites assigned to a course to disappear.

This patch will replace the web-server application's string table (strings.txt). Users of non-English versions of WBT Manager should contact their local reseller for an updated copy of this file.

This patch is included in WBT Manager 1.70 installation sets downloaded after 2005/02/14.