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WBT Managerô Version 2.0 Patches

Date Title Description
Version 2.00 patches
2007/10/05 (47mb)

Patch 1 - Crystal Reports XI support


(updated) (1.7mb)

Patch 2 - Bug fixes and Reporting Enhancement
NOTE:This patch has been updated for M2008032101 (below)


 2008/03/21  M2008032101

Bug in patch200_2: "Student Detail Results (historical)" report shows completed lessons as "not attempted".
v2.00 patch 2

An entry was left out of the status mapping table in the "Student Detail Resuts (Historical)"  report added through patch200_2. This has been corrected in the patch files above. If you downloaded patch200_2 before 2008/03/21 you should re-download the patch before installing it. If you have already installed the patch, re-download it and copy the file r_adm11.asp from the web_module\standard_files\asp folder to the ASP folder on your web-server.

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